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If you've had one or more plastic surgery procedures like a BBL, Arm Liposuction, or a Tummy Tuck, you're going to need our Post Surgery Full Body Fajas for your recovery process!


Our Body Snatcher Studio Spay Full Body Faja provides maximum compression, perfect if you've had multiple procedures or want a full-body snatch.


The Stage 1 Full Body Faja Has:

  • Waist Shrinking Technology
  • Arm Lipo Compression & Built in Bra (No Padding)
  • No Rear Compression For Booty Lifting Effects
  • 3 Compression Hook Levels
  • Bathroom Zipper s

All our stage 1 fajas are made  with a high-quality fabric that provides superior compression and shaping.

Body Snatcher Studio Spa-Faja

  • All product sales are final.

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